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who were the guys really that girl in the photo with the caption "cannibal corpse" (lol) was with?

They’re Mushroomhead, not a particularly well known band. Infact they’re best known not for their music, but talking smack with Slipknot. XD
If you like nu metal and industrial you might like ‘em.

Excited for "Assassin’s Creed Unity"? Do you think Rob Zombie is the bomb?
WELL GUESS WHAT?! Now you get both. Rob Zombie, along with “The Walking Dead” co-creator Tony Moore, directed this super gory and stylized short for the game, decipting the brutal events of the French Revolution.
It’s actually an AWESOME short. I’m not a fan of "Assassin’s Creed", but this totally makes me want to check out the game regardless.

Napalm Death, Sodom, Fulgora, Pizzahifive, Anaal Nathrakh, Demilich, Primordial, Early Graves, Mother Brain & More Added To Maryland Deathfest XIII Line-Up + More Bands Expected For Announcement Soon; Scheduled To Run May 21st - 25th 2015 In Baltimore, Maryland Across Multiple Venues + Tickets On Sale Now

Not long ago, the initial line-up for Maryland Deathfest XIII, including the likes of D.R.I., Metal Church, Triptykon, and Neurosis, was revealed. Now, an additional 15 bands have been announced to perform at the festival, some of them making exclusive appearances in the U.S.A. at ONLY Maryland Deathfest XIII. Now added to the line-up is Napalm Death, Sodom, Fulgora, Pizzahifive, Anaal Nathrakh, Demilich, Early Graves, Mother Brain, Water Torture, Martyrdod, P.L.F., Primordial, and Noxa. Definitely an AMAZING line-up so far, likely only to get better in the time before the festival, which is scheduled to run May 21st - 25th 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland at multiple venues. You can snag tickets and more info at

ALBUM REVIEWS!; New Music From Overkill, Fallujah, Within The Ruins, Mutilation Rites, Crown The Empire, Fozzy, Dog Fashion Disco, Monolithe, Exxxekutioner, Ill Niño, Varga, Boneyard, Bastard Feast; July 23rd 2014


This week is filled with new music for us, including great new stuff from Varga, Mutilation Rites, Monolithe, Within The Ruins, Fozzy, and more! Plus the latest album “White Devil Armory” from thrash metal legends Overkill, plus the comeback album "Sweet Nothings" from the always sensational Dog Fashion Disco.

And finally; "The Flesh Prevails" by Fallujah. The internet has been going bonkers over this album recently, and Fallujah deserves every bit of that praise fyi. Don’t even listen to this review. Go buy “The Flesh Prevails”. It’s the best album of the year.


"White Devil Armory" by Overkill

Thrash Metal

Released July 22nd 2014

     Of all the bands that emerged in the mid 80’s, Overkill seemed to have had the most consistent career, both in terms of their sound from album to album and their sales. Hell, they even managed to survive the 90’s, unlike some of their peers (cough cough Exodus, Death Angel, Vio-Lence). You’d think that almost 30 years since their debut record they’d have lost SOME steam though, and yet, “White Devil Armory” stands as proof that Overkill will forever rule the thrash metal genre. Much like recent albums “The Electric Age” and “Ironbound”, the album’s big highlight is the crisp sound and big dynamic hooks. The chants of ‘Armorist’ will likely be stuck deep in your head for a long time, as will the early-90’s Megadeth throb of ‘Bitter Pill’, the chunky thrash riffery of ‘King Of The Rat Bastards’, or the Iron Maiden styled gallops of ‘In The Name’. Bobby Blitz is the same as ever; a nasally punk with a love/hate vocal style, but one that fits the entirely thrash oriented music, and the band probably knows that best seeing as how Bobby’s vocals are the forefront. So yeah, the album is good. And yet, the music doesn’t have that same edge as previous works. There’s nothing here as grand as ‘Bring Me The Night’, or as relentless as ‘Electric Rattlesnake’, it’s just… good, and thats it. There’e nothing wrong with reliable thrash, don’t get me wrong, but don’t expect anything other than that.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Good)

"The Flesh Prevails" by Fallujah

Technical Death Metal/Progressive Metal

Released July 22nd 2014

     It’s rare when something in tech-death is genuinely moving. We’ve felt it more often in recent years with seminal albums “The Aura” by Beyond Creation and “Coloured Sands” by Gorguts, but not quite to this extent. “The Flesh Prevails” is something else entirely, a new way of looking at technical death metal, or metal in general. It’s a marvel of musicianship, an advancjje in writing, and the first step towards an aesthetic change in tech-death since “Obscura”, or even “Focus”. After opening on a sensual synth and guitar harmony, the album explodes into some of the most passionate death metal put on the market in years, a trend that most certainly follows with the rest of the album; ‘Starlit Path’ explodes with barrages of riffs and complementing jazz-like solo’s, ‘The Night Reveals’ bounces with an eccentric subtle groove and Animals As Leaders-styled riffs and sweeps, and ‘Alone With You’ is a slow pulsing post-metal beauty, resembling new wave and new age music with female vocals and echoed drums and synths, before launching into the melo-dramatic chugs of ‘Allure’. As you can tell by my writing, and the many glowing reviews, the album succeeds with a mix of furious death and post-metal and progressive ideals, perfectly balancing the sounds to create simultaneously emotional and visceral music. Every person in the band pulls their weight, with vicious growls, an AMAZING rhythm section, which includes a bassist who isn’t shy to fight for lead, and some amazing dynamic between guitars, often dazzling with their range and honest emotion. “The Flesh Prevails” is an absolute beauty from start to finish, a record that will challenge the senses and stir every emotion in you. Fallujah have created the best album of the year, and a game-changer for not just tech-death, not just metal, but the entire spectrum of rock and heavy music.

Rating: 5/5 (Perfect!)

"Phenomena" by Within The Ruins

Deathcore/Technical Death Metal

Released July 22nd 2014

     Within The Ruins are a great example of how to take deathcore to new and interesting places. Their spin on the genre, not entirely different from Rings Of Saturn but different enough to stand out, is one that focuses on technicality instead of lyrics about oppression and hatred. Fucking yay (thats not exaggeration, im actually happy). There are still plenty of breakdowns, but (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) I like them here. Often breakdowns are coupled with sweeps, guitar flurries, and tons of sweet techy riffs, and followed by some massive percussion, throbbing bass, and some great deathcore gutturals. Take for example the wicked groovy tech-death rushes of ‘Enigma’, the death metal assault and subtle prog of ‘Gods Amongst Men’, or the shining guitar solo’s of ‘Hegira’. The writing has some great short bursts of tech that give a lot of character to the music, especially with the super tight sound mix, which at times gives off a strange but suiting neo-classical feel. Some of the deathcore tropes bleed through, but none of it hurts the album at all. “Phenomena” is a breath of fresh air for deathcore, showing off cool technical groovy aspects in the music and delivering a full and genuinely heavy album that tech-death and deathcore fans will both love.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Good)

"Harbringer" by Mutilation Rites

Thrash Metal/Black Metal

Released July 22nd 2014

     While on the surface Mutilation Rites bring to mind black metal, digging around shows that “Harbringer” embraces nearly every aspect of extreme metal, from thrash, death, sludge, and even some itty bitty doom bits here and there, and the contrast and fusion of everything together is what makes “Harbringer” such a fucking ripper. Hell, there’s even some arguable hardcore influence in the albums vocals, as the singer wails above the huge walls of metal. And believe me, the walls are indeed huge, evident by the fiery dynamic of ‘Gravitational Collapse’, the “Remission”-era Mastodon riffery of ‘Tactical Means Of Ourobouros’, and the proud and varied grooves of album opener ‘Black Pyramid’, which also immediately sets up the tone of the album with a true blaze. The instrumentation is powerful indeed, as is the albums chaotic style, but as noted, everything is balanced. There’s never an outright change in sound or character, everything is justified and has a specific role, and it all comes together into one flowing and abrasive sound. Mutilation Rites have a lot of heart and rage in them, and it’s on the forefront of “Harbringer”, demanding your attention and ready to strike if it doesn’t get what it wants.

Rating: 4/5 (Great!)

"The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways" by Crown The Empire


Released July 22nd 2014

     To say that I was unimpressed with Crown The Empire’s debut album is an understatement. Hell, I had pretty much forgotten about up until this album was tossed on my desk, and much like that album, the long-titled “The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways” is likely to be forgotten just as soon. While I’ll admit that the album is well produced and has a couple good hooks, notably the chorus of ‘Bloodline’ is pretty rad, its ultimately yet ANOTHER generic metalcore album, complete with all the breakdowns, open-tab riffs, introspective and abrasive lyrical themes, and auto-tuned clean vocals, the latter of which is unacceptable regardless of genre (I’m looking at you in particular ‘Rise Of The Runaway’). While electronica isn’t a huge part of Crown The Empire’s sound, it nevertheless makes its appearance every now and then, often just to make some extra noise and ‘create atmosphere’, and even narration makes an appearance on ‘Initiation’, though I’ll also admit that the track kinda makes up for it with some decent groove, in the vein of Slipknot’s ‘Psychosocial’. All in all though, despite some solid hooks and riffs here and there, “The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways” is just another copy-and-paste metalcore album. I’ll be forgetting this faster than their debut.

Rating: 2/5 (Poor)

"Do You Wanna Start A War" by Fozzy

Hard Rock/Alternative Metal

Released July 22nd 2014

     Quite honestly, I’m shocked Fozzy has lasted this long. Chris Jericho is a cool guy and everything, but far from a solid rock singer, and his band has always been average at best. “Do You Wanna Start A War” isn’t exactly a gamechanger for Fozzy with that in mind, BUT, it’s certainly more entertaining than a lot of what we’ve heard from him in the past. With this album, Fozzy is embracing the pseudo-industrial party rock of Rob Zombie, with the tiniest bit of influence from Sebastian Bach’s solo material and 80’s hair metal. ‘One Crazed Anarchist’ in particular shines with additional alt. metal influence with minor gutturals, electronic tinges in the opening, and a decent chorus to boot, and the title track as well has a bounce to it that brings to mind modern radio rock. One track ‘Lights Go Out’ actually takes a weird turn, resembling “The Path Of Totality”-era Korn with pop rock and electronic fills, but I think it’s an experiment that actually works for Fozzy, and is admittedly very catchy as well, and another fully embraces the glam aspect with Steel Panther’s own Michael Starr as a guest. The lyrics could use some work here and there, and Chris Jericho is not exactly a star vocalist, but “Do You Wanna Start A War” ends as a fairly harmless, and at times, entertaining rock album that shows Fozzy thankfully branching out just enough to warrant a listen.

Rating: 3/5 (Decent)

"Sweet Nothings" by Dog Fashion Disco

Alternative Metal/Avant-Garde Metal

Released July 22nd 2014

     Dog Fashion Disco is back? HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS? WOW. Ok, so “Sweet Nothings”, their first album together since 2006’s “Adultery”, is pretty much every bit as weird as we’ve come to expect from… well, anything Dog Fashion Disco. But its fucking great, as it seems their time apart gave them just enough time to re-sharpen, re-focus, and re-think this whole thing. For those unfamiliar, the only comparison I can conjure is Diablo Swing Orchestra, simply because some of the fusions are so wild. Take for example ‘War Party’, a very political, mid-paced thrash style number with big hooks and a brass section to boot. Definitely weird, especially with the circus-like keyboards in the beginning and the un-conventional pattern of the hooks themselves. And thats not it; ‘Envy The Vultures’ has a hardcore-tinged alt. metal hammer with moody tones and some fucking wild guitar parts, ‘Tastes So Sweet’ is wickedly groovy with more horns and some longue-music inspired keyboards, which strangely make it sound a little like j-pop, and ‘We Aren’t The World’ is a genuinely creepy number with some fantastic lyrics and some awesome synths soaring overhead. The writing is incredibly varied to say the least, and yet the experimentation is so well balanced, and adds so much to the tone and emotion of the music. “Sweet Nothings” is a huge comeback for Dog Fashion Disco to say the least, and a sign of hopefully more great things to come.

Rating: 4/5 (Great!)

"Zero" by Monolithe

Doom Metal

Released July 22nd 2014

     Monolithe’s consistent brand of doom and death has always been a powerful one (need I remind you of the glory of “Monolithe III”), but “Zero” is slightly different. It’s more of a compilation rather than a standard studio album, consisting of Monolithe’s first 2 EP’s and a few exclusive covers. These EP’s have been available on the internet for a while, but this is apparently the first physical release as far as I’m aware, so this is the first time most of you will have heard this. Both EP’s played back to back to back are great to say the least, and every bit as doomy and pivotal as before. Of course this makes it a full release now that both EP’s, which let’s face it are 2 giant fucking songs, have a bigger sense of scale to them, and they flow surprisingly well together. It’s hard to pinpoint exact highlights with that in mind, but do not be discouraged; if you love brooding and melo-dramatic doom metal, this is absolutely for you. The extra tracks are great too, delivering more bittersweet and massive doom with mammoth riffs, pounding drums, and furious vocals. If you love Monolithe, or you wanna get to know them, “Zero” is a great thing to look out for.

Rating: 4/5 (Great!)

"Fear The Priest" by Exxxekutioner

Thrash Metal/Black Metal

Released July 22nd 2014

     “Fear The Priest” is the kind of EP that makes “Bonded By Blood” look like over-produced fluff. A wildly raw piece of honest and abrasive thrash metal, with the spirit of punk and the dark prowess of first wave black metal to back it up, “Fear The Priest” is a great example of how to do retro-thrash RIGHT. Instead of re-hashing ideas like most of their peers (cough cough Bonded By Blood), Exxxekutioner take the entire genre back to its roots and add so many other little pieces, as if to create the one culminative 80’s extreme metal release. With that comes with very scratchy production, typical of the early work of Venom, Kreator, or Exodus to name a few, but some righteous riffs, screeching vocals, and some great subtle hooks alongside the blazing metal. Of course, there’s no doubt that those of you completely tired with retro-thrash in general won’t find much to like, as “Fear The Priest” is in many ways a very safe and predictable EP. However, it has a lot of energy deep within it that recent thrash albums have been missing, so I think it’s still work a look nonetheless.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Good)

"Til Death, La Familia" by Ill Niño 

Metalcore/Alternative Metal

Released July 22nd 2014

     Ill Niño haven’t done a single good thing their entire career, period. Infact, “Epidemic” made it on this blog’s very first WORST OF THE YEAR list back in 2012. With that said, “Til Death, La Familia” has ONE advantage over previous works; its not nu metal. Ill Niñohave finally decided to fully embrace metalcore and alternative metal, so instead of ripping off “Roots”-era Sepultura, they’re ripping off a mixture of “Dante IXX” and “Against”-era Sepultura. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the mopey and often incredibly immature lyrics that have plagued this band since the beginning, now arguably a bit more abrasive as a result of the metalcore influence taking full front, (ie, this line from ‘Not Alive In My Nightmare going ‘I am winning when I am killing you’). Musically the latin elements add nothing but extra percussion, or to be completely realistic, noise, and there’s no point knocking them on it at this point because they’re not listening, so let’s focus on the rest of the music; Like I said, its GREAT these guys aren’t playing nu metal anymore, but it doesn’t change the fact that they can’t write a tune. ‘Live Like There’s No Tomorrow’ is another boring party-core track, ‘I’m Not Your Enemy’ steals so much from Nonpoint and recent Asking Alexandria that its almost hilarious, and ‘My Bullet’ is the kind of junk that bands like Five Finger Death Punch would write to convince you that they’re ‘introspective’. Shedding their nu metal skin has ultimately done nothing but  show us how dry for ideas Ill Niñois, but on the bright side, this isn’t nearly as bad as “Epidemic”.

Rating: 1.5/5 (Bad)

"Return Of The Metal" by Varga

Heavy Metal/Progressive Metal

Released July 22nd 2014

     YAY! Local Toronto metal! I’m not sure if “Return Of The Metal” implies that this is Varga’s RETURN (its certainly possible but I don’t know), but what does become clear evident is their loves, as they wear their influences directly on their sleeve, opening on a sample from a Bruce Lee film, even including a delicious ‘HI-YAH!’ before going headfirst into groovy heavy metal, with big hooks in the vein of Iced Earth or even “The Formation Of Damnation”-era Testament. The music leans to some interesting places to, hinting at prog metal in the dynamic of ‘Three Section Staff’, including some weird industrial-like flurries here and there. ‘After Life Comes’ hints at progressive tendencies at well in its opening and groovy riffs, and packs some awesome bass-work to boot, and ‘Evil Drifters’ rings with some great guitar and bass trade-offs, which of course build up some wicked harmonies as a result. The instrumentation is definitely a highlight, but vocals certainly carry their weight as well, opting for some great modern Accept-like hooks with power metal flair and classic metal range. “Return Of The Metal” is a very solid metal album, and while it may not be the most original, it still has lots of strong riffs and hooks to dig into. If this an apparent ‘return’ for Varga, it’s a damn good one.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Good)

"Fear Of A Zombie Planet" by Boneyard


Released July 22nd 2014

     You’ve gotta admire deathgrind and grindcore that TOTALLY indulges in all its tropes and stereotypes. Boneyard’s “Fear Of A Zombie Planet” is no exemption, even its cover looks like an old-school B horror film, and the rest of the album reflects that. ‘Rise Of The Dead’ is a “Symphonies Of Sickness”-era Carcass bomb that rages and thrashes constantly, ‘Carnival Of Terror’ is as raw and primal as it is deadly, and ‘Cannibals’ is every bit as abrasive and gore-hungry as it sounds. Of course though, repetition is the album’s sole problem, and unfortunately, it is a big problem. Songs tend to stick to their Carcass-inspired base, lyrics are all about blood and gore, and the music itself really isn’t all that endearing when you cut to the very core of it. I don’t blame entirely blame Boneyard though, the deathgrind genre’s conservative nature is just as guilty. If you’re familiar with the deathgrind genre, this is ultimately yet another album in the genre. Nothing remarkable, and fairly average. Certainly not bad, and trust me there are plenty of bad ones, but nothing worth remembering in the long run.

Rating: 2.5/5 (Mediocre)

"Osculum Infame" by Bastard Feast

Death Metal/Sludge Metal

Released July 22nd 2014

     Ignoring the more common slow and brooding recipes of sludge, Bastard Feast opt for something death metal-based, with sludge in the back, often just to make the riffs as fat and crispy as possible, which I should note is the definite highlight; the combination of death and sludge is absolutely infectious here, a powerfully heavy concoction with gutturals, pulsing rhythm, and some stirring leads, not to mention some overly brutal titles and lyrics to boot (‘Fields Of Black Cancer’? Jesus titty fucking christ that is a great title). Of course there is still some slow sludge here and there. Infact the track I just mentioned slows down big time near the end with some of the albums biggest riffs, and thats only the one track! Other tracks certainly deliver as well, like the scratchy blackened death of ‘Bloated City’, the abrasive jackhammer of ‘The Rats Through Our Veins’, or the pure Eyehategod meets Behemoth mystic sludge of ‘The Serpent Spoke’. Vocals are a highlight too, very icy and cold with some more black metal influence thrown in, but make no mistake, this is the fury and doom of death and sludge at heart. “Osculum Infame” has come to destroy you, fans of extreme metal should not ignore under any circumstances.

Rating: 4.5/5 (Incredible!)

OZZY OSBOURNE Unveiling Cover Art For Mystery Project


OZZY OSBOURNE Unveiling Cover Art For Mystery Project


Legendary BLACK SABBATH singer Ozzy Osbourne has asked his fans to “help unscramble Ozzy’s new cover art by using the hashtag #OzzyRules on Facebook and Twitter. The more you share the sooner it unlocks.” (more…)

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Just so you know folks, has confirmed that this is a compilation, entitled. “Memoirs Of A Madman”..

Back in 2010, Killswitch Engage/Times Of Grace frontman Jesse Leach told that he was working on a dub music side-project, now called AliKeN. Well, 4 years later it seems Jesse Leach has brought that back into the limelight with the release of “Pressure Dub”, an extremely ambient piece, bringing to mind some recent post-rock. To say it doesn’t sound anything like Killswitch Engage, is an understatement.

Personally, I’m interested in what dub music fans have to say, especially considering that I, along with many Killswitch Engage fans likely, don’t know a lot about this genre at all. Whatcha think?

Guitarist John 5 Announces Collaborative Album w/ Van Halen Frontman David Lee Roth, Supposedly Set For Release Next Year + Reflects On Previous Collaborations w/ Rob Halford, Desmond Child, Trent Reznor, Peter Criss, Paul Stanley & More; Talks About Upcoming Plans For A Live Streaming Concert Series w/ Special Guests

Well, a bombshell has been dropped on us! In a recent interview with One On One With Mitch Lafon 31, solo artist and Rob Zombie/ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5 revealed that he has fully recorded and produced a collaborative record with Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth, which supposedly will be released in the very near future. Speaking of the record, John 5 said 'And its 11 of the greatest songs you'll ever hear, and its just me and Dave, and we had Greg Bissonette plays drums on it. And it's unbelievable.' even revealing the song-title "Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar & Grill". On top of that, John 5 reflects on some previous collaborations, including the controversial "Voyeurs" by 2wo featuring Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford, as well as his plans for a series of concerts to be streamed live, with a series of un-confirmed special guests.

King Diamond releases statement regarding departure of Hal Patino


King Diamond releases statement regarding departure of Hal Patino

Yesterday (19th July) King Diamond released the following statement on Facebook “Hal Patino has been relieved of his duties with King Diamond, for reasons very similar to why he was fired from the band in 1990. This will have NO negative impact on our upcoming shows whatsoever. On the contrary. KING”

This morning a much more indept statement hasYesterday (19th July) King Diamond released the…

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Well damn, that escalated quickly.
I guess the question now is, who will play for King Diamond on the upcoming tour.

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